Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing out the Gray

Well, I'm doing it.  I'm growing out my gray hair.  I should probably really call it white hair as it has turned completely snow white around my face.  I started contemplating letting it go natural once I was draped as a True Summer last Fall in the 12 season system.  My colors are cool-toned with, that's right, gray added to all of them so it seemed to make sense to me that my hair should also be considered when trying to harmonize my total look.  I've been highlighting or coloring my hair since I was 16 years old so believe me when I tell you it will be a huge relief not to have to worry about it any more!  Even though my natural hair color is a level 6 ash brown, no matter what the hairdressers use it starts to turn slightly golden.  Definitely not my best look!  When I have talked to different stylists I have been told that it's not my hair but it's actually the chemical dyes that will always turn warm.  I'm tired.  Really, really tired of fighting the artificial warm tones with purple shampoos, blue add in colorants, hats when out in the sun.    I even got desperate enough to try grape kool-aid.  Yes, you read that right.  I even used grape kool-aid in an effort to get rid of the gold.  Now that is desperation!  You ladies know what I'm talking about.  The constant vigilance and fight to keep the cool blonde cool.  It's just exhausting.

So far, I am really loving the gray.  I have had a few moments of pure panic when I wondered about looking old.  Looking like my children's grandmother instead of their mother, then I think about how I really want to teach my children about authenticity and honoring who it is that God created them to be.  The fact that we're all special, different and how freeing it feels to truly show ourselves fully to the world.  Gray hair, wrinkles and all.  Yep, I'm doing it.  I'm growing out my gray hair.


  1. Good for you! I think grey hair is wonderful, and am always thrilled when I hear of women embracing their natural colour. I'm sure it will look amazing on you!

  2. I started the process abt 1 1/2 years ago give or take. I am now totally gray. I've still got some dark strands but the underneath is almost pure white. I'd told myself that if I grayed like my maternal grandma then I would let it go. She had beautiful white hair. I'd never heard the grape kool-aid trick - probably just as well. My first grays showed up at 18 & I've been coloring ever since. I dertainly don't miss the upkeep!
    I think you look gorgeous the way you are! Kudos to you for accepting what God has planned for you including your gorgeous gray hair! Kristi

  3. Congratulations on accepting who your are. It will be beautiful. I like what I'm seeing so far. However, I have a question: You were typed as a "summer"; are you finding this to work with the DYT program? I'm asking because I was using DYT around the time you were( that's where I saw you: in the forums) and I notice you are now embracing color analysis. I wonder if you've found that helped you with dressing or do you use the type system more?

  4. You're beautiful!! A real natural beauty. Your grey hair looks amazing.

  5. You look beautiful. The gray hair suits your colouring much more. You are an inspiration.