Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing out the Gray

Well, I'm doing it.  I'm growing out my gray hair.  I should probably really call it white hair as it has turned completely snow white around my face.  I started contemplating letting it go natural once I was draped as a True Summer last Fall in the 12 season system.  My colors are cool-toned with, that's right, gray added to all of them so it seemed to make sense to me that my hair should also be considered when trying to harmonize my total look.  I've been highlighting or coloring my hair since I was 16 years old so believe me when I tell you it will be a huge relief not to have to worry about it any more!  Even though my natural hair color is a level 6 ash brown, no matter what the hairdressers use it starts to turn slightly golden.  Definitely not my best look!  When I have talked to different stylists I have been told that it's not my hair but it's actually the chemical dyes that will always turn warm.  I'm tired.  Really, really tired of fighting the artificial warm tones with purple shampoos, blue add in colorants, hats when out in the sun.    I even got desperate enough to try grape kool-aid.  Yes, you read that right.  I even used grape kool-aid in an effort to get rid of the gold.  Now that is desperation!  You ladies know what I'm talking about.  The constant vigilance and fight to keep the cool blonde cool.  It's just exhausting.

So far, I am really loving the gray.  I have had a few moments of pure panic when I wondered about looking old.  Looking like my children's grandmother instead of their mother, then I think about how I really want to teach my children about authenticity and honoring who it is that God created them to be.  The fact that we're all special, different and how freeing it feels to truly show ourselves fully to the world.  Gray hair, wrinkles and all.  Yep, I'm doing it.  I'm growing out my gray hair.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Zyla Colors and Collage

I have been working through David Zyla's book, "Color Your Style".  It's an intriguing way of finding your own personal colors and connecting those colors to an archetype.  You use your Romantic color, which is the color of your natural flushing or blush, to determine your season.  Then within that season he has different archetypes that correlate with your natural colors, dressing style and personality.  David tells you which artist(s) correlate with each archetype, a few celebrities, and an overall feel.  Here is my interpretive Classic Summer collage in which I have added myself in.  This archetype is called, "The Classic Beauty" and it's Motto is, "Harmony Above All".  The nature images he associates with this are the Peony and the Cabbage Rose.

I highly recommend getting this book and reading it.  It's fascinating, illuminating and full of practical dressing advice.

True Summer Sci/Art Draping

I was draped in Sci/Art by Maytee Garza as a True Summer last Fall.  She was amazing and so much of a perfectionist.  I loved how she meticulously showed me every drape in every season and took me step by step through the process, even though we could tell the minute she put on the silver drape in the very beginning of the session that I was a True Summer.  Actually, when I first met Maytee she had me step into the kitchen with her and she exclaimed that I had perfect True Summer skin but we would let the drapes show us for sure.  These colors are gorgeous and I am loving what they are doing for my skin and eyes.  I am now receiving compliments almost daily and feel so much more confident and beautiful.  Getting dressed is such an easy thing to do now as everything makes my skin just glow and my eyes pop.  It also works so beautifully because everything in my closet blends together so perfectly.  I can literally go in there, close my eyes, pick out a couple of hangars and wear whatever I chose and know it will harmonize beautifully together.  There is no more groaning about how I have nothing to wear that looks good on me.

I am also very intrigued by how personality is tied into your personal colors.  It actually makes a lot of sense to me that God would give subtle coloring to the introverted and soft-spoken woman and bolder coloring to the bold and confident woman.  Light and fun coloring to the woman that brings sunshine and joy into our lives and warm and rich coloring to the woman full of determination and passion.  It is such a beautiful way for Him to show everyone just who that person is on the inside.  No guessing.  Just pure harmony inside and out.

I have been reading and re-reading the book, "Return to Your Natural Colors" by Christine Scaman and have been shocked at how uncanny the True Summer personality is to my own.  Even down to keeping my nails long and painted every day of my life since I was 12.  Christine, are you hiding out somewhere in my home?  It sure does seem like it!

I have been typed by Carol Tuttle as a Dressing Your Truth T2, Soft and Subtle Woman.  Evana Maggiore typed me as a Water/Metal in her Fashion Feng Shui dressing system and worked closely with me to understand that flowing and refined style of dressing.  I have also been typed by John Kitchener as a dominant Romantic/Subtle-Blended in his color and dressing system.  My official MBTI test came out as the INFP (Dreamer).  Two Chinese practitioners have also told me that I am extreme Yin.  All these systems are matching up beautifully which gives me such a wonderful sense of peace and understanding about who I am as a person and my natural, God-given gifts and tendencies.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Well, hello there.  Thanks for dropping by for a little conversation and idea swapping.  I'm a very blessed mother of 4 and wife to an amazing man.  I believe community is so important for all of us to be challenged, to be exposed to new ideas and possibilities and for support through this life.  Welcome to my little corner of the world.  Sit back, prop up your feet and sip a cup of warm sweetness while we get to know each other better.